Physiotherapy Abbreviations A - C

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@ – at

ā – before

A: – assessment

AAA – abdominal aortic aneurysm

AAROM – active assistive range of motion

Abd. or abd. – abduction

ABG – arterial blood gas

ABI – acquired brain injury

ac – before meals

AC – acromioclavicular

ACL – anterior cruciate ligament

ACTH – adrenocorticotropic hormone

Add. or add. – adduction

ADL’s or ADL – activities of daily living

ad lib – at discretion

adm – admission/admitted

AE – above elbow

afib – atrial fibrillation

AFO – ankle foot orthosis

AIDS – acquired immune deficiency syndrome

AIIS – anterior inferior iliac spine

AJ – ankle jerk

AK – above knee

AKA – above knee amputee, above knee amputation

ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

a.m. – morning

AMA – against medical advice

amb – ambulate, ambulates, ambulated, ambulatory, ambulation

ANS – autonomic nervous system

Ant. – anterior

AP – anterior-posterior

approx. – approximately (also "~" symbol can be used)

ARDS – adult respiratory distress syndrome

ARF – acute renal failure

AROM – active range of motion

ASA – aspirin

ASAP or asap – as soon as possible

ASCVD – arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

ASHD – arteriosclerotic heart disease

ASIS – anterior superior iliac spine

Assist. – assistive, assistance

A-V – arteriovenous

AVM – arteriovenous malformation


B/S – bedside

BE – below elbow

bed mob. – bed mobility

BID or bid – twice a day

bilat – bilateral (a B enclosed within a circle may also be used)

BK – below knee

BKA – below knee amputee, below knee amputation

BM – bowel movement

BOS – base of support

BP – blood pressure

bpm – beats per minute

BR – bedrest

BRP – bathroom privileges

BS – breath sounds/bowel sounds

BLE – both lower extremities

BUE – both upper extremities

BUN – blood urea nitrogen

c - with

C&S – culture and sensitivity

c/o – complains of

CA – cancer, carcinoma

CABG – coronary artery bypass graft

CAD – coronary artery disease

CAT – computerized axial tomography

CBC – complete blood count

C/C – chief complaint

cc. – cubic centimeter

cerv. - cervical

CF – cystic fibrosis

CHF – congestive heart failure

CHI – closed head injury

CKD – chronic kidney disease

cm. – centimeter

CMV – cytomegalovirus

CNS – central nervous system

CO – cardiac output

CO2 – carbon dioxide

Cont. or cont. – continue

COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COTA – certified occupational therapist assistant

CP – cerebral palsy

CPAP – continuous positive airway pressure

CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CRF – chronic renal failure

CSF – cerebrospinal fluid

CV – cardiovascular

CVD – cardiovascular disease

CWI – crutch walking instructions

CXR – chest x-ray

Cysto – cystoscopic examination

PT Abbreviations: A to C | D to H | I to O | P to T | U to Z

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