Physiotherapy Abbreviations D - H

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D/C – discontinue, discontinued, discharge, discharged

dept. – department

DF - dorsiflexion

DIP – distal interphalangeal

DJD – degenerative joint disease

DM – diabetes mellitus

DNR – do not resuscitate

DO – doctor of osteopathy

DOB – date of birth

DOE – dyspnea on exertion

DTR – deep tendon reflex

DVT – deep vein thrombosis

Dx – diagnosis


ECF – extended care facility (In Physiology – extracellular fluid)

ECG/EKG – electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph

ED – emergency department

EEG – electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph

EENT – ear, eyes, nose, throat

EMG – electromyogram, electromyography, electromyography

ER or Ext. rot. – external rotation

E.R. – emergency room

eval. – evaluation

Ex. – exercise

ext. – extension


FBS – fasting blood sugar

FEV – forced expiratory volume

FH – family history

flex. – flexion
FRC – functional residual capacity

FUO – fever unknown origin

FVC – forced vital capacity

FWB – full weight bearing

Fx., fx – fracture


GB – gall bladder

GCS – Glasgow coma scale

GI – gastrointestinal

GIT – gastrointestinal tract

GSW – gunshot wound

GYN – gynecology


H/A - headache

H&H, H/H – hematocrit and hemoglobin

Hct – hematocrit

HEENT – head, ear, eyes, nose, throat

Hemi. – hemiplegia, hemiparesis

HEP – home exercise program

Hgb – hemoglobin

HIV – human immunodeficiency virus

HKAFO – hip knee ankle foot orthosis

HNP – herniated nucleus pulposus

h/o – history of

HOB – head of bed

HR – heart rate

hr. - hour

hs – at bedtime

HTN or Htn – hypertension

Hx – history

PT Abbreviations: A to C | D to H | I to O | P to T | U to Z

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