Physiotherapy Abbreviations I - O

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I&O – intake and output

IADL – instrumental activities of daily living

ICU – intensive care unit

IDDM – insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

IE – initial evaluation

IFC – interferential current

IM – intramuscular

imp. – impression

indep – independent

inf. – inferior

inv. - inversion

IR or int. rot. – internal rotation

IRDS – infant respiratory distress syndrome

IS – incentive spirometer, incentive spirometry

IV – intravenous


KAFO – knee ankle foot orthosis

kcal – kilocalories

KJ – knee jerk

KUB – kidney, ureter, bladder


L within a circle – left

Lat – lateral

LBBB – left bundle branch block

LBP – low back pain

LE – lower extremity

LOC – loss of consciousness, level of consciousness

LMN – lower motor neuron

LMNL – lower motor neuron lesion

LOS – length of stay

LP – lumbar puncture

LLQ – left lower quadrant

LQ – lower quadrant

LTG – long term goal

LUQ – left upper quadrant


MAP – mean arterial pressure
max. – maximal

MD – medical doctor, doctor of medicine

MED – minimal erythemal dose

Meds. – medications

MI – myocardial infarction

min – minimal

min. – minute

mm. - muscle

MMT – manual muscle test, manual muscle testing

mod. – moderate

MP – metacarpophalangeal

MRSA – methicilin resistant staphylococcus virus

MS – multiple sclerosis

MVA – motor vehicle accident


NDT – neurodevelopmental treatment

neg. – negative

NG or ng – nasogastric

N.H. – nursing home

NIDDM – non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

nn. – nerve

noc – night, at night

NPO or npo – nothing by mouth

NSR – normal sinus rhythm

NWB – non-weight bearing


O: - objective

OA – osteoarthritis

OB – obstetrics

OBS – organic brain syndrome

od – once daily

OOB – out of bed

O.P. – outpatient

O.R. – operating room

ORIF – open reduction, internal fixation

OT – occupational therapist/therapy

OTR – registered occupational therapist

PT Abbreviations: A to C | D to H | I to O | P to T | U to Z

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