Physiotherapy Abbreviations P - T

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p – after

P – poor (used in muscle testing)

P: - plan

P.A. – physician’s assistant

PA – posterior/anterior

para – paraplegia

pc – after meals

PCL – posterior cruciate ligament

PE – pulmonary embolus

PEEP – positive end expiratory pressure

per – by/through

PF – plantar flexion

p.o. – by mouth (per orem)

PERRLA – pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation

P.H. – past history

p.m. – afternoon

PMH – past medical history

PNF – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

PNI – peripheral nerve injury

POMR – problem-oriented medical record

pos. - positive

poss – possible

post. – posterior

post-op – after surgery

PRE – progressive resistive exercise

pre-op – before operation

Prep. – preparation

prn – whenever necessary

PROM – passive range of motion

PROME – passive range of motion exercise

PSIS – posterior superior iliac spine

PT – physical therapy/ therapist

PT – prothrombin time

Pt. or pt. – patient

PTA – prior to admission

PTA – physical therapist assistant

PTB – patellar tendon bearing

PVD – peripheral vascular disease

PWB – partial weight bearing


q – every

qd – everyday

qh – ever hour

qid – four times a day

qn – every night


® - right

RA – rheumatoid arthritis

RBBB – right bundle branch block

R.D. – registered dietitian

Rehab – rehabilitation

reps. – repetitions

resp – respiratory, respiration
RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation

RN – registered nurse

R/O or r/o – rule out

ROM – range of motion

ROME – range of motion exercises

ROS – review of systems

rot. – rotation

RR – respiratory rate

RROM – resistive range of motion

R.T. – respiratory therapist/therapy

Rx – prescription; therapy; intervention plan; treatment


s – without

SACH – solid ankle cushion heel

SBA – standby assist

SCI – spinal cord injury

SC jt. – sternoclavicular joint

SED – suberythemal dose

sig – directions for use; use as follows; let it be labeled

SI jt. – sacroiliac joint

SLE – systemic lupus erythematosus

SLP – speech-language pathologist

SLR – straight leg raise

SNF – skilled nursing facility

SOAP – subjective, objective, assessment, plan

SOB – shortness of breath

S/P – status post

S/Sx – signs and symptoms

stat. – immediately or at once

STG – short term goal

sup. – superior

Sx – symptoms


tab – tablet

TB – tuberculosis

TBI – traumatic brain injury

TENS or TNS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator/ stimulation

THA – total hip arthroplasty

THR – total hip replacement

TIA – transient ischemic attack

tid – three times daily

TIW – three times per week

TKA – total knee arthroplasty

TKR – total knee replacement

TMJ – temporomandibular joint

TNR – tonic neck reflex

t.o. – telephone order

TPR – temperature, pulse and respiration

TTWB – toe touch weight bearing

TV – tidal volume

Tx – treatment

tx – traction

PT Abbreviations: A to C | D to H | I to O | P to T | U to Z

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