Physiotherapy Abbreviations U - Z

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UA – urine analysis

UE – upper extremity

UMN – upper motor neuron

UMNL – upper motor neuron lesion

URI – upper respiratory infection

US - ultrasound

UTI – urinary tract infection

UV ultraviolet


VC – vital capacity

VC – verbal cues

VD – venereal disease

VO or v.o. – verbal orders

Vol. – volume
v.s. – vital signs


w/c – wheel chair

W/cm2 – watts per centimeter square

WBC – white blood cell

WFL – within functional limits

wk. – week

WNL – within normal limits

wt. – weight


x – number of times performed (e.g. x3, x8, etc.)


y/o or y.o. – years old

yr. – year

PT Abbreviations: A to C | D to H | I to O | P to T | U to Z

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