Physiotherapy for Golfer’s Elbow

Medial Epicondylitis Physiotherapy Treatments

If you have golfer’s elbow, also called medial epicondylitis, your forearm muscle or its tendon attaching to the inner side of your elbow is painful or inflamed. Sometimes, you may feel pain along your forearm muscles that bend your wrist and hand. You may also have difficulty grasping or gripping objects.

Physiotherapy can help you manage your golfer’s elbow symptoms. In addition, your physiotherapist will be able to help you return to your original activities as fast as safely possible.

Physiotherapy for Golfer’s Elbow: Your First Visit

You will likely be asked about your usual activities or activity at the time you felt your symptoms. After you’ve answered your physiotherapist’s questions, he or she will perform a thorough evaluation and examination of your elbow to find the real cause of your symptoms and to find other problems that you might have from your golfer’s elbow.

Your physiotherapist will then formulate a comprehensive treatment plan specifically made for you. You will be actively participating in deciding on your plan of care.

Physiotherapy treatment interventions that you might receive may include physical agents (ice/heat packs), ultrasound therapy, physiotherapy exercises, and other electrotherapeutic modalities.

Your physiotherapist will educate you about golfer’s elbow, and may advise you to modify your activities. He or she may also recommend that you wear a splint for a limited time to allow healing of your muscle or tendon tissues.

Physiotherapy Treatment Options for Golfer’s Elbow / Medial Epicondylitis

Based on your specific problems and symptoms and your stated physiotherapy goals, your physiotherapist may provide you with a combination of any of the following physiotherapy treatments
  • Recommend modified rest
  • Cold therapy or Cryotherapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Ultrasound (US)
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Stretching
  • Range of motion (ROM) exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Recommend splinting if necessary
  • Patient education
    • About golfer’s elbow
    • Precautions
    • Self-care of symptoms
    • Injury prevention
    • Activity or work modification
  • Iontophoresis / Phonophoresis
  • Work or sport-specific rehabilitation program

The physiotherapy treatments for golfer’s elbow enumerated above will not be provided to you in just one visit. Your physiotherapist will help you decide on what appropriate interventions are best for you.

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