UK Physiotherapy Association

The primary organisation of physiotherapists in the United Kingdom (UK) is the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy or CSP. Like all other physiotherapy associations worldwide, the CSP aims to promote high quality patient care. In addition, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy promotes advancement in physiotherapy practice through advances in research and quality education, among others.

The CSP, according to its website, has been established in 1894 and subsequently "was awarded its Royal Charter in 1920." Today, the CSP is the leading membership organisation for physiotherapy professionals in the UK.
  • Learn more about the history of physiotherapy in UK at the CSP website.

You can contact the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy through the following:
  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Headquarters)
    14 Bedford Row
    WC1R 4ED
    United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 (0)20 7306 6666

  • CSP Northern Ireland
    41 Arthur Street
    BT1 4GB

    Phone: +44 (0) 2890 446 250

  • CSP Scotland office
    49 North Castle Street
    EH2 3BG

    Phone: 0131 226 1441

  • CSP Wales Office
    1 Cathedral Road
    CF11 9SD

    Phone: 029 2038 2428

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