Wrist Tendonitis – What Is Wrist Tendonitis?

Wrist tendonitis occurs when any of your tendons passing through your wrist joint is irritated and inflamed. A tendon is a connective tissue attaching your muscle to your bone. Wrist tendonitis is often caused by repetitive movements of the wrist and hand. Most cases of wrist tendonitis do not lead to serious complications.


Inflammation of the wrist tendons often occurs as a result of overuse or repetitive movements of your wrist or fingers. Carpenters, painters, typists, and athletes participating in sports that require them to use their wrist and hand over and over again are at risk for developing wrist tendonitis. In some cases, a direct blow to the wrist may also injure the wrist tendons. The condition may also occur as a result of another health problem such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout.


The most common complaint of people who suffer from wrist tendonitis is pain. Some people may experience swelling, muscle weakness, and difficulty moving their wrist and hand.


Treatment of tendonitis depends on the severity of your injury. If your tendonitis is caused by overuse without severe tearing of the tendon, it may be managed with rest or modification of activities; applying ice; and taking anti-inflammatory medication. Your doctor may recommend that you use a wrist splint for a while to allow healing of your tendons.

Physiotherapy for your wrist tendonitis may also be advised. Your physiotherapist will teach you how to self-manage your symptoms and teach you stretching and strengthening exercises once your symptoms have subsided. You may be provided with wrist and hand rehabilitation program to help you prepare for your return to work.

Your doctor may recommend surgery only if conservative means do not relieve your symptoms or you have severely damaged wrist tendons.

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