Physiotherapy and Muscle Strains

Physiotherapists are experts in musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle strains. Muscle strains are injuries occurring in any of the muscles (skeletal muscles) or their tendons. A muscle strain may result from overstretching of the muscle, which may cause tearing or not. In some cases, the muscle may be completely torn.

Your First Visit to a Physiotherapist

Most likely your physiotherapist will be asking about the activity that you were doing at the time of your injury. Your therapist will also be asking about your symptoms. He or she will be asking about other related injuries that you might have or have had. In addition, your therapist may ask you about your past medical history that may be related to your current injury.

After asking questions, your physiotherapist will be conducting a thorough physical examination and evaluation of your injured muscle and associated structures.

After your initial evaluation, your therapist will then formulate a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment plan made specifically for you. Your treatment plan will be based on your symptoms, the result of your evaluation, and your goals.

Your Physiotherapy Treatment

Expect that you will receive a combination of physiotherapy treatments for your specific muscle strain. In most cases, it will be a combination of any of the following:
  • Physical agents, such as ice or heat
  • Electrotherapeutic modalities like ultrasound and TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
  • Physiotherapy exercises

Your physiotherapist may also provide you with other treatments.

Whatever the grade or severity of muscle strain that you have, your personal physiotherapist will be able to help you decide on the appropriate physiotherapy treatment that you will receive. Don’t hesitate to ask about the specific types of treatments that you will receive and the purpose of each.

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